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What is my timeshare worth?
Find out today what is the real value of your timeshare properties by using our Free service.

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You can find out today the real value of your timeshare property on ONE easy Step, just fill out the form above or print and fax the form below.

You want to sell your timeshare and don't know how much your timeshare is worth? Today you can find out what other timeshares like your are worth at the Resale Market, this will help you price your timeshare right for Resale Purposes.   


The Original Purchase price of most timeshare units, purchased directly from the developer or marketing company, includes the cost of marketing.

This cost to the developer or marketing company can range from thirty percent to fifty five percent of the purchase price. This price includes the cost of gifts and other promotions used to entice prospective purchasers to view the timeshare development.

This comparative market analysis utilizes the resale market to establish the market value of the Timeshare unit/week/points. The developer cost of marketing is extremely high for timeshare real estate. Therefore this cost is not incorporated in the resale market value.

The resale comparison approach is considered the most reliable indicator of value as it reflects the actions of buyers and sellers in the market place. Therefore, it had been given the majority of weight in determining the final value estimate.

Realistic Pricing
Price is the driving force for Time-Share Resales.
A sale can be difficult to achieve if your unit is a studio, or usage dates are in an off season.
The same is true for units in resorts that have not been properly maintained.
Even larger time-share units with in-season or flexible weeks typically sell for only 30%-55% of their original price.
If your Time-Share is part of a chain, where credits can be used for airline tickets or other accommodations, you may be able to recover a higher percentage of the unit's original price.
If you're in a real hurry to sell, keep the price low. Buyers are usually shown a list of time-shares grouped by resort. If other, similar units are priced lower, you can guess which one's they'll pursue.
You're the only one who can decide if holding out for a higher price outweighs the burden of paying ongoing maintenance fees and other expenses.

Know What You Own
Make sure you understand exactly what you are selling before you begin to market the Time-Share.
Do you have a deeded ownership in the property, or do you have a right To Use  the Time-Share for a specified number of years? RTU agreements decrease dramatically in value as they near the expiration date.
Find all documents that pertain to the Time-Share, including mortgage information, tax records, and maintenance details.
A knowledgeable seller tackles a transaction in a confident manner. Be prepared to answer any (reasonable) question a potential buyer may have.
Developer Resales
Resort developers sometimes offer resale programs. Salespeople working on-site do have easy access to buyers who are interested in that specific resort or chain, but their main focus may be selling new units.
Before you sign a contract, compare their fees and marketing practices with Worldnet Brokerage
False Promises
The Time-Share resale market has attracted numerous scam artists. Be wary of anyone who promises you a quick sale. No one can guarantee that. Other Resale Options
Worldnet Brokerage has a very high closing on time share Resales
no up front commission.  

A fixed week unit was convenient when you purchased your Time-Share, but doesn't fit in with your current lifestyle. Your family has grown or matured, and the destination no longer provides activities to suit everyone. Or perhaps the mortgage, taxes, and maintenance fees are a burden.
No matter what the reason, if you've decided to sell your Time-Share you no doubt want top dollar and a quick closing. For most sellers, those two events do not go hand-in-hand. In fact, owners who purchased a new time-share typically recover very little of the original sales price when they decide to sell.

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