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The Try it before you Buy it Timeshare Rental program is available for this Resort.
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Royal Holiday Vacation Club Puerto Vallarta Mexico
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Royal Holiday Vacation Club Puerto Vallarta Mexico
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royal holiday in puerto vallarta timeshare
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park royal los tules puerto vallarta timeshare
 Timeshare for Sale Inventory Description
Try it Before
you Buy it
Inventory 10009
Royal Holiday Club - Deeded Timeshare Membership with 200,000 Annual Poins program to be used at any Royal Holiday Club Resort for any size unit, any season,  Right to use Ownership,  floating usage, Maintenance Fees $3,520.00, exchange with HSI
Inventory 7441
Royal Holiday Club, Cancun Mexico. Red season, 15,000 points per years, Maintenance Fee $495.00, three bedroom condo, balcony, annual usage. (THERE IS 30,000 PTS. AVAILABLE TO BE USE AT TIME OF SALE. DUES ARE PAID FOR THE YEAR OF 2010)  GREAT DEAL
rent your timeshare  $800.00 TWO BEDROOM
This unit is on the program "TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT"
Timeshare Rentals lease option
 Timeshare Rentals - Resort Description
Dates available
Rental Price

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Royal Holiday Vacation Club Puerto Vallarta Mexico
With over 180 destinations in 52 countries, Royal Holiday offers you the highest standard in quality service, so you can plan your holiday trips for years to come. We like to protect your investment by freezing the costs of your vacations throughout the length of your membership. This way you'll be saving a lot of money.

Paris, Madrid, London, New York, Vail, Orlando, Bahamas, Buenos Aires, Cozumel or spectacular Cancun… Make your travel dreams come true. We want to give you the world!
Royal Holiday:
A Funfull Vacation Club
Your Holiday Credits can take you far!
Plan and Reserve Online
Being a Royal Holiday member means having limitless vacation possibilities in the best hotels, resorts, villas, condominiums and cruises - for years to come. Whether you travel with family or friends, your Royal Holiday membership allows you to take advantage of numerous amenities, activities* and services offered at the Resort of your choice.

Think of your membership as a safety box where Holiday Credits get deposited every year. These will determine the type of trip you can take, based on destination, season, type of Resort, length of stay and size of room.

Browse on Destinations , choose your favorite Resort and season of travel. Enter the dates of arrival and departure. The system will display availability. Verify your membership and the number of Holiday Credits you are able to use, book your reservation and you will be all set to go! Remember, Holiday Credits are based on the membership level you select.

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